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Together with Classical all started with pianist

Tiffany Poon's YouTube video project titled

"What is Classical Music

to you and me?"

From our founder, Tiffany Poon:

I was really moved and inspired by my audience's stories about their journeys with classical music, as well as by everyone's overwhelming support for my fundraising endeavors. 


Rather than doing one-time video projects and fundraising concerts, I founded Together with Classical as a lasting charity platform where I can provide a place for everyone to unite together with classical music, be proud of their passion, share and promote the beautiful music, while also support classical musicians, education programs and causes that encourage all to "be kind and keep striving!" 

TP + Piano-1 - web.jpg

Tiffany Poon

Photo credit: Sid Baker

meet the team

My discovery of classical music started when I attended my very first orchestra concert in high school. It was my first time hearing classical music live, and the impact of that still motivates me to continue learning and playing music to this day. Through Together with Classical, I would love to make classical music more accessible and provide a welcoming community for anyone and everyone who is interested in classical music.

victoria Zhang (volunteer)


I got into classical music when I started playing the piano in first grade, but I never realized how beautiful it was and how much I loved it until I was 14.

It’s very inspiring to see Together with Classical grow as a non-profit, and my goal as a part of it is to help grow a close-knit, diverse community of people from different backgrounds who all appreciate classical music.

Lara Öge (volunteer)

social media manager

I’ve been a musician since elementary school, but my love for classical music really took off during high school when I played with wind ensembles and youth orchestra. Today I work in cancer research but still remain active in the music world. As part of the Together with Classical team, my goal is to help make the world a better place by supporting those that make and enjoy classical music.


marcus thomas (volunteer)

Since I was born, I'd always heard classical music playing in our house growing up. My parents enrolled me in piano lessons when I was 4 and I've been involved with music ever since, choosing to pursue a Bachelor's in Music as my major.

It encourages and moves me to see how classical music has touched and healed so many people. I want to watch that continue and to see the ways classical music continues to inspire stories and make a difference through Together with Classical.

Graphic Designer

DeAnne Dato-on

I started learning music because I liked the GoT track: Rains of Castamere, and I wanted to play it on either violin or piano. I then chose piano because it was more like gaming.

My goal for Together with Classical is to show people the beauty of classical music to people who would never think they would listen or play classical music.

nate friedman

digital creator

What does "Be kind. Keep striving"

have to do with classical music?

Good question! 

"Be kind. Keep striving!" is part of our charity because kindness and work ethic is what makes a good musician 

That's why you see this slogan on our fundraising merchandise!

♪ How can we support classical music?

Wear our merch and show how proud you are to love classical music!

Every merchandise purchase helps fund classical musicians, education and more!

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