Supporting Our Community

Together with Classical is committed to supporting

and promoting classical music

During these unprecedented times, COVID-19 has impacted many musicians, as well as music education in schools.

This, along with inspirations from our community,

is the reason behind all our fundraisings. 

how we use funds

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15% of your donation will go towards Together with Classical operations.

85% of your donation will go towards the Together with Classical Grant 

All donations will be eligible for tax deduction. 


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Past Fundraising

Summer 2020

$12,000 Donated


Sweet Relief's

COVID-19 Fund

Sweet Relief's donor-directed fund provides immediate assistance to musicians or music industry workers impacted by COVID-19.


Apollo Music Projects

Brings live classical music to children who might not otherwise experience it. 

Their program incorporates interactive workshops and concerts. 

Winter 2020

Midori - FB Share.png

Midori & Friends

Provides high-quality sequential music education to students in grades PreK-12 in over 70 NYC schools who have little or no access to the arts.   

$10,226 Donated