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Together with Classical Grant Recipients

Winter 2021: Together with Classical Grant 2.0
In partnership with G. Henle

Arantxa Zu Ojeda Serafio - Image.jpg

"This grant gave me the opportunity to buy a new instrument, since my old one was in really bad shape and couldn’t work properly anymore. I look forward to seeing what I can do with my new piano."

Arantxa Zu Ojeda Serafio, Mexico

Leah Podzimek


Funding supported the INTERPLAY:Art+Opera project in Telluride, Colorado. 

Funding Music Lessons/Studies/Instruments


Adrián Gabriel Pellegrino

Alexandra Kortchemski

Arantxa Zu Ojeda Serafio

Ariel Redmond

Eugene Sun Min Pierson

Hannah Blain

John B. Sloane

Laís Mendonça dos Reis

Lizzie Dimasuhid

Munotida Munaki

Rutali Thurr

Tiffany Yin


Daryl Campaña Prado


Carlos Arturo Ríos de la Ossa


Gabriel Knights-Herrera


Sophia Hunt

Veronica Ellison

Funding Projects

Christina Kay: recital of early 17th century music by Carlo G and his contemporaries

Giane Santos: free music classes for poor community in Brazil

Madeline Miskie: Mixtape Recital Series

Leah Podzimek: "Interplay" visual art and performance project connecting opera singers, visual artists and audiences through color and sound

Levente Lakó: choral concerts

Spring 2021: Together with Classical Grant 1.0

Sofia Andrea Sanchez - Image.jpeg

"What it has been like owning my violin is that I have felt empowered through an instrument that has brought me such joy to play. Whenever I am on stage performing, I feel absolutely divine to know that this instrument is mine."

Sofia Andrea Sanchez, USA

Funding Instrument/Music Lessons

Adan Caldera Quintero
Miguel José Berganza Campos

Ryan D Giraldi

Arron John D. Gamo
Christopher Bell
Fatima Abdallah
Al Amin

Gabriella Cariddo
Jonathan Alfonso Wayner Morales
Oluka Gerald Kevin
Ram J
enab Zadeh


John Kaita

Marcos Fabiano Land
Omar Enrique Ozorio

Sofia Andrea Sanchez

Zoe Willingham

Funding Projects

Jacob Shur: Balance World Music

Jordan Toms: Organize concert

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