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Together with Classical aims to empower people of diverse musical backgrounds to learn and share their experiences with classical music, through online community engagement, grant-giving, interviews and educational videos. The organization has fundraised for musicians during the pandemic, provided grants for 49 music students and professional musicians with financial need across 16 countries for lessons, instrument upgrades and concert projects. 


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Classical Bean
Animated educational series

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To date, we have supported 39 music students and musicians from 16 countries across disciplines.

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Classical Chats
with Tiffany Poon

Hosted by founder and pianist Tiffany Poon, series of conversation highlights diverse stories from everyone who loves classical music, from curious listeners, amateurs to professional musicians. 

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Together with Classical

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What's New

New Partnership with CelloBello


Amplifying CelloBello's news and resources through our social media partnership, we kicked off with an interview with cellobello founder Paul Katz on Classical Chat and his interview with our founder Tiffany Poon on his site.