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Meet Our Team

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Tiffany Poon

New York, U.S.

Founder & President

I started having fun with classical music when I was 2 years old, playing a 4-key toy piano every day. Eventually, I moved to 88-key pianos and moved to New York to pursue studies and career as a concert pianist. While I was very fortunate to have financial aid, growing up, I wasn't really surrounded by peers who loved classical music. I felt embarrassed at times...

I founded Together with Classical because I was really moved and inspired by my audience's stories about their journeys with classical music in my YouTube vlog in 2020. My wish is for Together with Classical is to be a lasting charity platform where everyone can unite together with classical music, be proud of their passion, promote the beautiful music, while supporting each other in their music education and journeys.

I'm beyond grateful for the support of my team and donors!


Anoushka Sharma

Toronto, Canada

Project Manager

Although my journey with classical music started at an early age when I got enrolled in piano lessons, I only grew an appreciation for it once I left formal training and started teaching it to myself. My ambition is to further Together with Classical’s aim of making classical music more accessible to everyone who is interested in it.

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Lara Öge

Istanbul, Turkey

Social Media Manager

I got into classical music when I started playing the piano in first grade, but I never realized how beautiful it was and how much I loved it until I was 14. It’s very inspiring to see Together with Classical grow as a non-profit, and my goal as a part of it is to help grow a close-knit, diverse community of people from different backgrounds who all appreciate classical music.

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Elizabeth Pineo

Pennsylvania, U.S.

Music Educator

I started playing the piano when I was six years old. Now, almost two decades later, I can’t imagine a life in which classical music isn’t a fundamental part of my daily life—and who I am. The world of music is rich and vast, and I want to share its beauty. Through my work at Together with Classical, I aim to make the powerful, complex experience of classical music accessible to all.




Sotiris Athanasiou

Paris, France

Music Educator

For me, music was a family matter. I started playing the classical guitar with my father as early as I can remember myself and I have never stopped since, following my passion across Europe. Today, I feel thankful for the privilege I had growing up with music as well as concerned for the people that never had that access. That’s why I joined Together with Classical. I would feel the deepest satisfaction if someone decided to take a leap of faith and start a journey with music because of our efforts. Or guitar. Even better!


Ashley Chin

Hong Kong

Research Volunteer

My journey with classical music began not a lot different from many people, when I started taking piano lessons at the age of 5. For over a decade I’ve put classical music aside for other priorities, however I’ve slowly found my way back as I grew up. Today, classical music is a safe haven where I seek comfort. Through Together with Classical, I would love to be able to contribute to building a community where classical musicians of all ages feel like they belong, where everyone is able to share their own experiences and discover its beauty together.


Nasytha Tristie


Social Media Volunteer

I started knowing piano when I was 5 years old then took it seriously when I was in secondary school. I’m so passionate about music, especially classical music because I think I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I understand about music as a discipline and how it has an undeniable effect on people’s lives. I’m so grateful that I was born in a music-loving family and had the privilege of learning music. Through Together with Classical, I hope that people will become familiar with classical music and get to know underrepresented composers with their great pieces more easily.

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Colin Guan

California, U.S.

Outreach Coordinator

I started playing the cello in 5th grade. Though I originally joined my school’s orchestra as a way to spend more time with my friends, I discovered that the music was just as great as being around my friends. Since then, I’ve continued studying the cello, and plan to stay involved with music for the rest of my life. Through Together with Classical, I hope to help people around the world find their community, just as I did in middle school orchestra class.

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Nate Friedman

New York, U.S.

Digital Creator

I started learning music because I liked the GoT track: Rains of Castamere, and I wanted to play it on either violin or piano. I then chose piano because it was more like gaming. My goal for Together with Classical is to show people the beauty of classical music to people who would never think they would listen or play classical music.


João Pinto

Vienna, Austria

Music Educator

Classical music has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, as I started to play the  piano at a very early age. Today I am a composer, and my love for music has only grown  since my childhood days. Throughout the years, I have experienced what I believe to be  absolutely true: that music is a universal language that has the capacity to connect people,  regardless of their background. I am hoping that my work with Together with Classical will  bring more people the joy that it is creating music.


Sahana Moogi

California, U.S.

Social Media Volunteer

Classical music has somehow always ended up finding its way to me, whether through my high school’s orchestra, marching band, or piano. The people I have met and the experiences I have gained along the way have only made this journey more memorable, and although I am quite the amateur and have much to learn, I hope to continue to follow my passion in the future. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Together with Classical, an incredible organization with a goal of bringing together the community that I have grown to cherish.


Erik Lin

New Jersey, U.S.

Social Media Volunteer

Ever since I started playing violin at age 6, I feel like I've been subtly aware of classical music through different media avenues: movies, tv shows, video games, popular music, and so on. 

In the past few years, I've been reevaluating my relationship with music and how it can touch people on so many levels. Whether casually or deeply, everyone has their own particular relationship with music. With Classical music in particular, there are such a variety of colors, emotions, and a long history to draw upon and aspire towards. As part of the Together With Classical team, I hope to share and expand the ways in which people think about their relationship with music.

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